Real or not real? Social Media, Parasocial Relationships, and Internet Influencers

18 Jul 2024

They are famous because they appear to be just "one of us". But are they really? A tribute to 2010s internet influencers from a fangirl.


How much was each Bitcoin worth in USD following each halving event since its creation?

12 Mar 2024

Every 210,000 blocks added, the supply of bitcoin gets slashed in half, and so does the reward for mining.


tl;dr of Elon Musk's interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin (HackerNoon's Version) (Partly Satire)

2 Dec 2023

the israel tour is not an apology trip, I'M SMART AF deal with it, and when it comes to china my hands are tied. also FUCK ADVERTISERS!


On OpenAI Failed Board Coup of Sam Altman & the Danger of Leaving AI Fate in the Hands of a Few

22 Nov 2023

New Board: Bret Taylor (who forced elon buy twitter), Larry Summers (who made sexist comment @ Harvard), & Adam D'Angelo (who ousted Sam with the defunct Board)


Chronological Feed: Sam Altman Fired by OpenAI Board & Hired By Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (maybe)

20 Nov 2023

To be continued, literally. Last we heard is Sam & Greg's joining Miscrosoft is not finalized yet. Go figure.


On Sam Altman's Forced Ousting as OpenAI CEO & The Idolatry of Tech "Gods"

17 Nov 2023

Its Interim CEO? Mira Murati, OpenAI's CTO for past 5 years. She went to the same high school system I did!


Personalized GPTs are here, and I have mixed feelings about them

10 Nov 2023

Any paying customer can now create their own version of ChatGPT using personalized, private data that is not normally available on the world wide web.


"We need to change our mindset about wealth" ft. Linh Dao Smooke & Host An Truong of Vietcetera

29 Sept 2023

What we (really) talk about when we talk about money, how HackerNoon (actually) makes money, and my personal wealth. All are discussed in this hour long podcast


My Remarks to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Minister Nguyen Chi Dung on Education

26 Sept 2023

Linh Dao Smooke represented HackerNoon and gave remarks among Vietnam's most prominent tech & business leaders in the US East Coast in front of the