tl;dr of Elon Musk's interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin (HackerNoon's Version) (Partly Satire)

2 Dec 2023

If you haven’t listened to that Elon musk interview with Andrew Sorkin yet, don’t bother. I’ll give you the tldr:

Elon: the reason I’m ever here is because we are good friends, Jonathan.

Andrew:…first of all I’m Andrew…

Andrew: so what do you say to advertisers who flock the platform because of your antisemitic comments?

Elon: fuck them…I’m sorry I wasn’t being clear.. FUCK THEM! I hope that’s clear.

Andrew: why are you the way you are? What motivates you?

Elon: I’ve had a difficult childhood.

Andrew: *starts talking about his failures”

Elon: I’ve launched rockets, not made ice creams!

Andrew: you have decidedly moved to the right in the past years…

Elon: Biden Bitch didn’t invite Tesla to the EV summit!!! Does that seem fair to you?

Andrew: would you vote for Biden?

Elon: Vivek seems interesting. Free speech!!!!!

Andrew: didn’t you throttle the New York Times over the summer though? What did that say about free speech?

Elon: well freedom comes with a price okay? It’s pretty cheap though.

Andrew: what about China? Do you throw free speech out the window there?

Elon: *changes tone* my hands are tied. I love China. The Chinese companies are very competitive!

you're welcome!!